Welcome to Coder’s Club

Coding == Magic ?

You type a bunch of words on a keyboard.

If you get them right, you can make something happen.

If you get them perfect, you can change the world.

Hi, I’m Mike! While you wait, find Python!

  • Get logged into your TDSB account

    • The same account you use for school

    • See Daniel or Betty-Lynn immediately if you need a password reset or don’t have an account

  • Start Python

    • Windows Start Button Start Button | type “py” | Choose “Idle” or “Pyscripter for Python 2.7”

    • If you don’t see Python, choose another machine but log out first

  • Now ignore those computers! We have sandwiches to build after we say “Hi!”

What you have to do to Succeed

  • You are going to need to read!

  • You are going to have to try!

  • You are going to have to understand what you are doing!